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Are You Ready to Start Making Money with Automated Forex Trading Robots?

Forex Trading has become one of the most popular and profitable legitimate work from home business's worldwide.  Now that everyone has access to the internet and forex trading robots... it is now super easy to make a nice profit with minimal work from home.

At Forex Robot we are dedicated to finding the most profitable and proven forex trading robots available to the general public.  Forex Trading Robots are constantly being upgraded and improved to make it even easier for average people to earn a full time income from home.  We have tried and tested countless forex trading robots and we can tell you they are not all the same.

Here are our 3 Favorite Forex Trading Robots that Earn Nice Profits Every Month!

Top 3 Forex Trading Robots  -  Best Automatic Forex Robots!
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 FAP Turbo is the Best Automatic Forex Trading
 Robot Ever!  This Is All That You Need...
 FAP Turbo Rakes in The Cash!   [READ MORE]



 Forex Auto Pilot was the leader in Forex Robots
 until they developed FAP Turbo.  This is still a
 Great Forex Trading Robot.        [READ MORE]



 Forex Killer is a Forex Trading Robot & System.
 We started using Forex Killer a couple years
 ago and made a ton of money!  [READ MORE]


Update: FAP Turbo's price has already been increased once since it was released in November 2008.  There is talk the price will increase again soon or they may stop selling FAP Turbo all together so they can support their current clients.  FAP Turbo is in Great Demand and their client base is growing faster than expected.  Do Not Delay!

Quick Reviews - Forex Trading Robots

 FAP Turbo


RATING:   Buy Fap Turbo

1. 1 Robot License Key
2. VIP Members Area Access
3. Step by Step Instructions
4. Video Tutorials
5. LIVE Phone Support

60 Day Guarantee!
You will Be Happy :)


$399.00 Per License
On Sale for $149.00
Limited Time Offer!



FAP Turbo is Here!  The long awaited FAP Turbo has proven to be everything it was hyped up to be.  Thanks to Steve Carletti, his team and Marcus Leary. This is the ultimate automatic forex trading robot ever developed. Marcus B. Leary was generous enough to share his Forex Auto Pilot source code with Steve Carletti and his team. Steve Carletti and his team spent over 9 sleepless weeks improving upon Forex Auto Pilot. Read the FAP Turbo Story Here...

FAP TURBO has even blown away Marcus Leary, the pioneer in automatic trading. Here is what he had to say about FAP Turbo: "The shocking outcome of technology and genius working together is the most advanced live trading Forex Robot in Existence..." (Marcus B. Leary)

FAP TURBO comes with step by step instructions with video tutorials designed for the beginner to intermediate forex traders. You will quickly and easily be able to set up a forex account, if needed. You can download and install the FAP Turbo software within minutes. The Video Tutorials are detailed and easy to follow.

The Best part is that you have access to a call center with Live Support via the Phone. That is right... FAP Turbo offers Full Free LIVE Phone Support. The Phone Number for FAP Turbo Support can be found in the FAP Turbo members area.

PLUS, FAP Turbo has a 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  You can Try Out and Test the FAP Turbo Forex Trading Robot for 60 Days. If You Are Not 100% Happy You Can Get a Full Refund, No Questions Asked. More info...

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 Forex Auto Pilot

 Buy Forex Autopilot

1. Forex AutoPilot Software
2. Step by Step Training
3. Premier Access
4. $370 in FREE Bonuses
5. Live Phone Support

56 Day Guarantee

 $399.00 Per License
On Sale for $99.00
75% OFF
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#2 -  FOREX AutoPilot

Forex Autopilot is still one of the biggest money making automatic forex robots ever developed and available to the public.  Forex Autopilot is a Forex Robot developed and managed by Expert Advisor, Mark Leary.  Forex Autopilot is a great program that will earn you money.

Forex Autopilot was one of the first fully automatic big money making Forex Robots.  We had Forex AutoPlilot in the #1 spot with 5 stars until November 2008, when FAP Turbo was released.  We found Forex Auto Pilot to be a little riskier than FAP Turbo.  For many this is just fine and is very profitable.  We recommend that you set up a demo account and test the waters for 30 days or more of trading before you lay down any cash.

The nice thing about Forex AutoPilot is that it is a proven and profitable automatic forex trading robot that offer full support.

You will be Given a Dedicated Phone Number with LIVE Access to Full Support!

The Forex Autopilot System delivers you full access to your very own... No Guesswork Software that is 100% Proven.  Plus you get a Built In Advisory System along with a detailed blueprint that spells out exactly what you need to do to make money - completely removing the "human error" factor.

You can begin making money right after you start with this powerful and proprietary software.  Step by Step training material is included!  More info...

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 Forex Killer


RATING: Forex Killer Rating

1. FX Killer Software License
2. Members Area Access
3. Step by Step Instructions
4. Five (5) FREE Bonuses
5. LIVE Phone Support

60 Day Guarantee


$198.00 Per License
On Sale for $89.00
55% OFF
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#3  - Forex Killer

Forex Killer was developed by a mathematics professor,  behavioral psychologist and Andreas Kirchberger, a former forex advisor for Deutsche Bank and experienced trader.

Forex Killer is a wonderful and profitable piece of forex trading software with a 3 year track record of profits for thousands of people.

Forex Killer is easy enough to use for beginners and advanced enough to satisfy professionals alike.  You are given the option to start a demo account to test the markets with zero risk.  Then, when you are ready, for as little as $500, you can start trading for real profits!

Forex Killer works with all trading platforms.  You just feed it with market data, then follow its trading advice.

Before there was Forex AutoPilot and FAP Turbo there was Forex Killer.  That is right... Forex Killer is the predecesor to the FAP trading robots.  Forex Killer is not as automated as the FAP Robots.  But what is truly amazing is that Forex Killer still churns out huge profits for thousands of it users and followers.

This is the Lowest price that Forex Killer has ever sold for.  Take advantage of this low price and start earning profits in the forex market.  Remember you have a 60 Day Guarantee.  More info... 

Visit Forex Killer's Site...

We will consistently be updating our reviews as these automatic forex robots improve.  Right now FAP Turbo is a clear winner making money for thousands of users Worldwide.  We want to thank all of the people that send us emails thanking us for our reviews.  We do our best to keep the general public informed about the most profitable automatic forex trading robots.

Note: FAP Turbo was selling for $99 on a promotion, when it was first released.  They then raised the price to $149, on promotion.  We are not sure when... but Steve Carletti, the FAP Turbo Publisher, may be rising the price back to $399 after they have sold a certain number of FAP Turbos copies.  Secure your FAP TURBO today for the Discount Price.  Rest Assured you have 60 Days to test it out...