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real ACCOUNT: Forex Pip Shooter
Live Forex Pip Shooter Metatrader Expert Adviser test by Fxtoplist
Live Forex Pip Shooter Metatrader Expert Adviser test by Fxtoplist Live account - Forex Pip Shooter
demo ACCOUNT: Forex Pip Shooter
Forex Pip Shooter Metatrader Expert Adviser test by Fxtoplist
Forex Pip Shooter Metatrader Expert Adviser test by Fxtoplist Demo account - Forex Pip Shooter
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How Forex Pip Shooter works?

Forex Pip Shooter is a Forex robot the goal of which is to link different trading styles together to minimize the risk and to provide an annual gain. It works on the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. Their crosses generate 28 Forex pairs.

Working on resistance and support price levels of these pairs, thanks to breakouts, rebounds and correlations. Lowest spread is required because the price entry levels are so precise that a higher spread could miss them or generate a lower profit from each trade.


  • It is completely automatic.

    Forex Pip Shooter does trading on your behalf! You just have to set it and wait for the profits. No analyses, no managing of the operations, no risk that emotions carry you away and cause you to make wrong choices.
  • It is programmed to perform a very advanced technical analysis on its own.

    Forex Pip Shooter relies on a very complex and effective algorithm, able to execute an advanced technical analysis, on the base of hyper-controlled market parameters of consolidated use.
  • It exploits the innovative technology Pip Shooter.

    The software scans the market continuously, opens and closes positions many times a day based on the (many) opportunities that the market offers on a daily basis. It accumulates few pips at the time, but many times a day. An approach that guarantees safety and profitability.
  • It is based on the best technologies.

    The Pip Shooter technology is simply revolutionary: it transforms trading into a quick activity for everybody, in complete safety. Moreover, it is supported by an “intelligent” algorithm which produces an accurate and infallible analysis.
  • It is safe.

    The “pip accumulation” approach allows a dynamic trading, which adapts to the trader’s needs and to the degree of risk (always changing) which the market presents at a given moment. Therefore, Forex Pip Shooter is one of the safest Expert Advisor around.
  • It uses the best strategies.

    Forex Pip Shooter guarantees profitability and safety since it is based on the most consolidated strategies, those that have enriched the world best traders: spread trading, breakout, hedging… Maximised diversification for a guaranteed safety!

And even more:

  • 100% automated trading

    Forex Pip Shooter sets your negotiations automatically in order to take advantage of the volatility of the market. It works for you every second of every day of trading - seizing profitable opportunities AUTOMATICALLY.

    It constantly analyses hundreds of market factors, executing dozens of calculations per minute – placing profitable trades several times a day.

    Forex Pip Shooter adjusts the trading positions in real time to take advantage of every opportunity to increase your profits.

    You can say goodbye to the days of studying of the trading positions and manual calculations of stop loss, take profit and trends. Forex Pip Shooter represents a real strategy with advanced programming, money management, risk aversion and analytic technology.

    You can download it instantly and immediately set it up to work following the simple steps you can find in the reserved area once you purchase it. You will have complete access to all the files and the Forex Pip Shooter documents from our exclusive reserved area. From there, you can download files, contact our support team and view our simple tutorials.
  • Advanced analysis technology

    Forex Pip Shooter uses its ADVANCED ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY strategy to execute profitable operations systematically.
    The algorithm applies patiently well-controlled trading parametres to gain profit from the market trend while safeguarding your profits.
  • Pip shooter technology

    Forex Pip Shooter implements the PIP SHOOTER TECHNOLOGY strategy to observe the market for potential trend inversions. Once it finds an opportunity, Forex Pip Shooter dynamically regulates the trading parametres to maximise the profit potential of each trade.
  • Average execution speed

    The Forex Pip Shooter strategy with AVERAGE EXECUTION SPEED exploits the small spread operations executed with accuracy and speed. The trading system rapidly regulates the trading parametres to adapt also to the most volatile markets.